Artist Profile: Sara Wilkes

Person with spectacles and blue collared shirt

Pronouns: She/Her

Sara Wilkes is an asexual artist living in Bothell. She brings inspiring words to life through calligraphy and hand lettering.Sara’s art installation was exhibited at Redmond Lights 2021.

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Coming Out

I never even thought to question my sexuality growing up. I was raised in a high demand religion where purity culture was prevalent, so I just assumed I was being a “good girl” and “avoiding temptation.” To be honest, I wondered why peers couldn’t stay out of trouble. Fast forward many years and I realized why it had been so easy for me to do so – a complete lack of sexual attraction.

Finally learning about asexuality and adopting the label has really helped me come to accept myself as I am. I’m so glad that asexuality is becoming more well-known and I hope that by coming out more publicly, I can help others who might be feeling the same way. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with us.

“Ace Affirmations”

Black, gray. white and violet curves with the text "you are valid"

I think as asexuals we can sometimes feel infantilized or inhuman in such a sex-centered society. I made this piece to emphasize that our identity is just as valid as any other, and we are enough just as we are. 

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Exhibited at Rainbow on the Eastside 2022

“Who You Love”

Red and blue gradient cursive text

This piece comes from a challenge I set for myself –to letter a quote from every book I read in 2021. The book in this case is “The Girl from the Sea” by Molly Knox Ostertag, a lovely queer graphic novel. Love is always something to celebrate.

Exhibited at Rainbow on the Eastside 2022

“Pride Butterfly”

Rainbow colored butterfly

A friend commissioned me to make this piece and I think a butterfly is a perfect symbol for coming out. This friend in particular has been a great inspiration to me – it’s been wonderful to see her living authentically with a life full of queer joy.

Exhibited at Rainbow on the Eastside 2022

“A Crow of Bothell”

Crow in calligraphic ink strokes with word Bothell

I recently moved to Bothell and I was amazed to see all the crows coming to roost in the evenings. I wanted to pay tribute to them with this illustrative calligraphy piece.

Exhibited at Rainbow on the Eastside 2022

“Bright Lexicon”

This is a quote from Anne of the Island, by L.M. Montgomery. I loved it so much I took it for my business name. It’s a reminder to myself to work hard and do my best, but I also love the connotation of bright and happy words – that’s what I strive to create.

Exhibited at Rainbow on the Eastside 2022

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