Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting art for “Rainbow on the Eastside.”

  • The “Art Show” refers to the “Rainbow on the Eastside” Pride Month art show, to be hosted at Centro Cultural Mexicano in Redmond, WA.
  • The “Gallery” refers to Centro Cultural Mexicano.
  • The terms “we” and “us” refer to the Gallery and Wolfberry Studio LLC, the event organizer.
  • The “Artist” refers to an individual or studio who submits entries for the Art Show.
  • “You/your” refers to the Artist.
  • The “Website” refers to and its subpages.
  • “Entry/entries” refers to artwork submitted for the Art Show through the Art Submission Form.

The artist understands that any submission that does not follow the instructions on the Art Submission Form or which violates the specifications set forth on the Website may be rejected by us.

The artist understands that we can reject any submission or any entry for any reason. We can choose to accept some but not all of the entries in your submission.

Prohibited Entries

Entries that contain the following will not be considered for the Art Show: 

  • Fan Art, work from commercial kits, or works based on other artists’ instructions or patterns. (Exceptions will be made for art based on Pride flags or other Pride-related symbols.)
  • Copies of other artists’ works. (Exceptions may be made if the reproduction of the work falls within “Fair Use” and is part of your own larger, original work created for the purpose of commentary.)
  • Performance art or installation art that includes sharp objects, weapons, liquids or other materials or actions that we deem unsafe for the exhibit or for gallery visitors.
  • Abusive, threatening, obscene or defamatory material.
  • Promotion of illegal activities.
  • False or misleading information.

Images/Text Content/Intellectual Property

All artists retain the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in any artwork or other content in their submission.

By completing the Art Submission Form and providing links to or uploading images, artists grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, limited license to copy, distribute, re-format, store and display images of the artwork for the purposes of promoting the artist or the art show. Images will be attributed.

We also reserve the right to distribute, translate, re-format, store and display text content, including but not limited to artist bio and entry descriptions, for the purposes of promoting the artist or the art show.

If one or more of the entries in your submission is accepted, you will be notified via email and asked to provide a more in-depth artist bio and a longer description of your entry if you so choose. If you are multilingual, you can provide this additional information in multiple languages.

By providing this additional information, the artist agrees to allow us to translate and publish this additional content, in addition to the content that you already submitted via the Art Submission Form, to further promote said artist, including but not limited to gallery wall tags, website and social media channels.

Artists who submit any artwork, images and content do so at their own risk and agree that we will not be held liable for the misrepresentation of their art and/or information by another party.


We reserve the right to cancel the Art Show for any reason. If for any reason, the Art Show is rescheduled, the artist will be notified of the new date and/or time.

If for any reason, an artist needs to cancel their participation in the Art Show, the artist is expected to contact us via the website or via email. If an artist does not show up at the appointed times for art drop off, art pickup, or performances, the artist may not be considered for future art shows.

Art Delivery and Display

  • If one or more of your visual art entries is accepted, you will be notified via email to make arrangements to drop your art off at the gallery. (The email will come from either or
  • If you are unable to deliver your art in person to the gallery, contact us to discuss alternative arrangements.
  • If you need to ship your artwork, please include a prepaid return shipping label with your package. If shipping costs present a financial difficulty for you, please contact us. We may be able to offer limited financial assistance or provide alternative arrangements. Please note that we are under no obligation to pay for your art delivery or art return.
  • If you do not respond in a timely manner to the acceptance email to confirm art delivery arrangements, your work will not be shown.
  • If you or your appointed agent do not show up for the scheduled art drop off, you may lose the opportunity to be part of the show.
  • We may provide wall tags or table tags displaying your name, bio, and the description of the artwork. But you still need to attach a label with your name, the title of the artwork, medium and price to the back/bottom of each artwork for identification purposes.
  • Work must be presented in a manner appropriate to the artwork and be equipped for presentation, e.g. wall art be ready to hang. If the work requires special set up; it should still be easily displayable in a professional manner by gallery installers according to artist instructions. The artist may be required to assist with installation.
  • We reserve to right to make changes to any setup or display of art in the Art Show.
  • Artwork must be able to remain in exhibition at the Gallery through the duration of the Art Show. No artwork can be retrieved early.


If you intend to sell visual artworks at the Gallery during the Art Show, you will need to provide payment information before or during art drop-off.

Example 1: If you want to receive payments by check, you will need to provide the Gallery with the name to which a purchaser of your work should write the check. This information will only be shared with someone who expresses intent to buy your work.

Example 2: If you want to receive payments by PayPal, you will need to provide the Gallery with your link, e.g. This information will only be shared with someone who expresses intent to buy your work.

You are responsible for collecting or paying any sales taxes.

If you do not provide payment information, your work will be listed as NFS (Not For Sale).

The Centro Cultural Mexicano does not take a commission on sales of your artwork.


We do not assume responsibility or liability for damages, losses or injuries, including but not limited to accidents, damaged artwork, or forces of nature. Artists who wish to insure their artwork should consider carrying their own personal property insurance. Again, neither Centro Cultural Mexicano nor Wolfberry Studio LLC will assume liability for damages, losses or injuries.


Please refer to the Privacy Policy.

Release & Waiver of Liability

The artist hereby fully and forever releases, discharges, and agrees not to sue Centro Cultural Mexicano or Wolfberry Studio LLC  or any of their affiliates/representatives/successors for any and all claims, causes of action or liability for any injury, loss or damage sustained or incurred by artist or guests arising out of or in any way associated with attendance at or participation in the Art Show.

Centro Cultural Mexicano or Wolfberry Studio LLC , or any of their affiliates/representatives/successors will not be held responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property at any time during the Art Show, install, de-install, art drop off, art pick up or any other time relating to the Art Show.