Artist Profile: Angie Nuevacamina

Pronouns: she/her

Angie Nuevacamina is a queer Chicana of Indigenous and Black descent working in Downtown Bellevue and living in Downtown Redmond.

She works with charcoal and pastels so that she can feel the medium and put her own essence into each piece. Her art explores the beauty and power of contrasts when brought together, much like the beautiful contrasts of her cultures.

Growing up in inner city Detroit, her interest in drawing was not encouraged and she didn’t take her first formal art class until 2003 when she was a non-traditional college student. Working as a single parent, and going to school full time, Angie would often stay up all night working on various drawing studies, as she teetered on the edge of creative and technical.

Twenty years later, she is proudly showing her art for the first time at a public exhibit, Pride on the Eastside.

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charcoal drawing of tulips in bowl

Charcoal, graphite, ink, on paper
Private collection of Sam Bryant-Nichols

“Be(coming) Still”

Charcoal drawing of a profile in light, emerging from behind a dark surface

Charcoal on paper
Private collection of Sam Bryant-Nichols

Coming Out

Between the conservative influences around her and being raised Catholic, Angie was quite conflicted when she realized that she had a crush on her best friend as a Senior in high school.

It continued to be difficult as she met her first girlfriend while serving in the military during the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” era, faced discriminatory laws in Florida that jeopardized her parental rights, and not having family support.

Because she has faced deep discrimination and did not have the support and safety to question and explore her sense of self, Angie has been a strong advocate for Youth and Young Adults so that they may flourish and actualize the potential that they choose.

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