Artist Profile: Lucky Birney

flag composed of pink, white, purple, black and blue horizontal stripes

Lucky (pronouns: they/he) is a transmasculine, non-binary, multidisciplinary artist from Redmond, WA. They have a B.A. in Engineering with a Sustainable Development concentration from Smith College and are currently working on an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Antioch University. His upbringing and education inform their art, from the use of reclaimed materials to the messages they want to bring to a public audience.

Instagram: @luckychlovr

Take Risks, Change Your Life

The words "Take risks" on cardboard painted with abstract brush strokes

Acrylic and color pencil on cardboard

I’m someone who needs constant reminders, and “Take Risks” is a big one. This project was the perfect excuse to fight my perfectionism and follow my intuition. I hope viewers find joy in the drips and splatters of paint and familiarity in the naturalistic shapes. To my queer friends and family: it can feel like a risk to be ourselves. I hope we find the community and resources we need to push through the fear. What comes naturally to us, especially our imperfections and works in progress, are beautiful, loved, and needed.

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