Artist Profile: Tomás Narvaja

black and white cat on human's shoulder

Tomás Narvaja (pronouns: they/them) is a queer, Argentine conceptual artist and medical student who grew up on the Eastside. 

They use a variety of mediums that incorporate performance, painting, sculpture,and photography to reframe contemporary understandings of language, identity, and science. They frequently incorporate subtle references to their experiences with feminist studies, medicine, and their cat, Magic.

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Blue, yellow and black geometric shapes on a pink and white background

Oil on canvas

Separación está hecho con óleo sobre lienzo como una representación abstracta de las experiencias de (des)acoplamiento comunes a todos nosotros. Cada forma primaria ocupa el mismo lienzo de manera indeterminada. El trapecio azul y el triángulo pequeño, ¿están conectados por el rectángulo negro o representa un triángulo azul grande superpuesto por una línea negra gruesa? ¿El rectángulo negro está dividiendo o uniendo? ¿Cuál es el rol del rectángulo amarillo?

Separation is an abstract representation of the experiences of (un)coupling common to all of us. Each primary shape occupies the same canvas in indeterminate ways. Is the blue trapezoid and small triangle connected by the black rectangle or does it represent a large blue triangle overlapped by a thick black line? Is the black rectangle dividing or uniting? What is the role of the yellow rectangle?

Thoughts on Queer Identity

Empece entenderme a mí mismo como ‘queer’ cuando lo acepté como una identidad indeterminada. Queer para mí significa reconocer la naturaleza siempre cambiante de la sexualidad como algoque nunca está predeterminado.

I came to understand myself as queer through embracing it as an indeterminate identity. Queer to me means recognizing the ever-changing nature of sexuality as something that is never predetermined. It is an ever-changing, often fleeting.

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