Pronouns: They/Them/He/Him

Tomás Narvaja is a queer, Argentine conceptual artist and medical student who grew up on the Eastside.

They use a variety of mediums that incorporate performance, painting, sculpture, and photography to reframe contemporary understandings of language, identity, and science. They frequently incorporate subtle references to their experiences with feminist studies, medicine, and their cat, Magic.
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Tomás Narvaja es un artista conceptual que también es queer, argentino, y estudiante de medicina que creció en el ‘Eastside’. Utilizando una variedad de medios que incorporan artes escénicas, pintura, escultura, y fotografía para cuestionar las comprensiones contemporáneas de lenguaje, identidad, y ciencia. Con frecuencia incorpora referencias sutiles de su experiencias con estudios feministas, medicina y su gato, Magic.


Blue, yellow and black geometric shapes on a pink and white background

Oil on canvas

“Separación” está hecho con óleo sobre lienzo como una representación abstracta de las experiencias de (des)acoplamiento comunes a todos nosotros.

“Separation” is an abstract representation of the experiences of (un)coupling common to all of us.

What are the roles of each shape? Come to the gallery show to learn more!

Detail from “Tension”

Duct tape, rope, bark, strings hand-dyed w/ various dyes made by artist from foraged flowers and berries endemic to the Eastside

Installation adaptable to spaces of different sizes

See more of “Tension” at the gallery show.

What is the inspiration behind “Tension”?

“Tensión” se inspiró en preguntas sobre que sucede cuando los objetos juegan un rol directo en su propia representación…

“Tension” was inspired by questions regarding what happens when objects play direct roles in their own representation

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