Pronouns: She/Her

Dahra Perez is a Redmond-based artist who is pursuing a career in the animation and film industry. She enjoys working on environment and concept art.

Dahra Perez is una artista de Seattle, enfocándose en dibujar el medio ambiente y concept art. Su trabajo explora diferentes paisajes, e incorpora diferentes materiales (plastico, revistas, carton, etc) en su trabajo para añadir realismo a sus piezas.

Dahra shares her coming out story

“I came out to my mom first, in the middle of a Victoria’s Secret store. It wasn’t how I imagined it would be but it was real and happening and it was a step towards a journey that I was glad was finally beginning …”

( Read the rest of the artist interview at the gallery show)

Dahra shares her coming out story


Magazine cut out of woman of color with painted 3D textured roses on her head

Mixed media and acrylic on canvas


Oil painting of sunflowers against blue background

Acrylic on canvas

Want to see more of this artist’s work? Come to the gallery show at Centro Cultural Mexicano in Redmond during Pride Month 2021!

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