Wing (pronouns: she/they) is a trans artist who lives in a cave on a hillside in Redmond and makes all kinds of things out of all kinds of media. They participated in the inaugural 2021 Rainbow on the Eastside and will be sharing more of their creations with us in 2022.

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A person wearing blue cloth mask and black T-shirt is doing embroidery on a frame.

2021 Pride Month Art Show

Detail from “Simple Squared Symmetry Sampler”

Blackwork embroidery

How long did it take the artist to design and stitch this?


Pink bird in square wood frame

Acrylic paint and fiber dye on wood

Cascadian Star

Green embroidery on white background in square frame

Blackwork embroidery (in green)

The story behind this creation

My Pride Will Be…

Intersectional Pride message embroidered with backstitch and French knots

Backstitch embroidery

The story behind this creation

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