Artist Profile: Jay Jun

Split portrait of a Black woman and a Southeast Asian man

Pronouns: They/Them

Jay Jun is a non-binary illustrator based in Redmond. They create digital art centering PoC. Jay Jun’s medium is Adobe Illustrator.

“13 Names: Sureshbhai Patel, Wangsheng Leng + 11”

Split portrait of Indian man and Chinese man

In memory of Wangsheng Leng, a 66-year-old Issaquah man with Alzheimer’s who died in 2017 after an encounter with police officers in his own home.

In solidarity with Sureshbhai Patel and others who were injured or killed under similar circumstances.

Read more about them here.

What are your connections to the larger community?

In my personal experience, race usually takes precedence over LGBTQIA2S+ identity when it comes to how the larger Eastside community interacts with me. LGBTQIA2S+ identities are not always visible to the larger community. Racial identities, real or perceived, are often visible.

Our rights as LGBTQIA+ people are intertwined with the rights of other minority groups...

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